Thursday, May 26, 2011

The plus side.

(Written the week after Easter Sunday)

Last week did NOT start off well for me, however the weekend ended beautifully. We had an amazing Easter Sunday with our families. I love all the traditions that we share but mostly I just love experiencing holidays with Ricardo.

Unfortunately, I got hit HARD with a cold at the beginning of the week. As busy as my school and work weeks usually are, this was really poor timing. THEN my work computer was compromised and our Help Desk had to drop my network connection and take my desktop to be completely wiped and restored. It never comes back the same. This all happened the day before PACQ, the system I do 90% of my work in, was to be pulled off the network for updating. So yesterday, I was in an all out requisition BLITZ and I ended up turning 13 purchase requisitions around in one day. No small feat in my world. Nothing too exciting for yours, I'm afraid. :)

But, on the plus side...

The Bombers are doing incredibly well. They finished out their season undefeated at home and at the top of the pack in their conference. They also won the District Championship in an NAIL biter.  At the all-conference meeting six of our guys received 1st Team All-Conference awards, two of them received 2nd Team All-Conference awards, AND Eric Thomas was voted League MVP AND Octavio (Ricardo's Dad) received the Coach of the Year award.  Pretty amazing.  Not a group of guys out there that deserves it more, either.  This team has that something that coaches DREAM about and it truly makes this a beautiful game.

Also on the plus side...

Graduation is just ?? short days, and 20 LONG pages of a research project, away. I am SO ready for this day to come. I can't wait to have that degree in hand and be moving forward with my career an my life! The next day we will be on our way, first class style, to Hawaii for a much anticipated vacation together.

FINALLY, on the plus side...


Have you ever seen what the plus side looks like?

Did you know there is an actual IMAGE of what the plus side looks like?

I'm going to show you.









Want to see the WHOLE plus side?

Had you guessed it?  WE HADN'T! 

We are indeed!

Updated May 25th!

We just finished up our fist visit with Dr. Bahnmiller.  We got to see baby, hear baby's heart beat, and we found out that this little lady/little man will be gracing us with her/his blessed presence THIS YEAR!

Introducing Baby DoValle!

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