Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Summer!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as we are!  Here are a few updates on our happenings...

First, our happy little jumping bean is a BOY!  Like the DoValle's don't already have enough of THOSE, right?!  Of course, had it gone the other way the same could be said for the Ebys.  :)  We would've been thrilled either way, but we are SO glad to finally know what this little acrobat is so we can start planning AND picking a name.  And if I haven't dropped enough hints yet, let me spell it out for you - This kid is a MOVER!  He tosses and turns, kicks and flips, day and night.  He is blessedly small right now, so it's more of a joy than a pain for me but I know those days are coming.  So here are some stats on the little man.  He is about one foot in length and around 8 ounces which puts him in the 60th percentile.  At our gender ultrasound the technician said his brain, lungs, heart, and everything else look perfect and he is doing very well.  She even said he has the cutest face she's seen, but I suspect she tells all the moms and dads that.  So here is our little man...

18 weeks

18 weeks 3D :P
Ricardo and I also took a few trips at the beginning of the summer.  First, we flew down to Hawaii (the big island) for a MUCH NEEDED vacation.  The intention was to celebrate my graduation with a good helping of mai tais, but alas.  :)  We turned it in to a fabulous babymoon instead.  Then Ricardo took a trip with his friends to New Orleans while I went to Las Vegas with my parents and Kristin.  We had a great time!! Pics to come, some day.  We also sold my Bug!  :(  Tough day for me, but I REALLY love my new baby friendly mom-mobile!  Other than that, we've been going through the house room by room purging ourselves of the clutter we've built up over the years in order to make room for baby boy DoValle.  We've got the crib built and in place as well as the dresser/changing table but there is still a lot of work to do before that room can really be called a nursery.

I'm feeling great but getting BIG.  I feel like this baby sprouted overnight. Sleep is getting to be a bit challenging but so far this has been such an easy pregnancy I just can't complain.  We are enjoying each stage of expecting, all while looking forward to meeting this little man.  I have to say, we are also looking forward to another Husky football season.  I will be at every game as long as this body and baby will allow.  :)

12 weeks pregnant

18 weeks pregnant

My boys <3
As always, we are looking forward to another fall season!  Many blessings!

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  1. Congratulations --- i am So thrilled for you, gorgeous lady! xoxo.